Wrongful Foreclosure

Are You a Victim of Bank Fraud?

Has your home been foreclosed on by a non-real party of interest?  (ie. Your “lender” who is in fact a servicer stole your house)

You might be entitled to up to 3 times the value of your loan for fraud, theft and racketeering claims against these banksters if you can prove that they were not the real parties of interest at the time they foreclosed your home.

It is said that the most dangerous person in the world is someone who has nothing to lose; particularly if he has incriminating evidence.  You see, if your lender foreclosed on you without proper proof of perfected chain of title as required by State law, then they are breaking the law.  Not only that, you have “Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)” evidence of the crime being committed against you.  It’s one thing to defend against a home being foreclosed on, it’s another where there is evidence that the bank was caught red handed committing fraud.  For them “it’s too late to back out”.

You see, if we can prove that your loan has been securitized then clearly it can be proven that the bank who foreclosed on you was not the real party of interest.

Our complete step by step coaching program shows you the process you will need to take to uncover the fraud (and prove to the judge that damage is done to you).

We provide you with sample pleadings that other homeowners have used to fight their lender in a wrongful foreclosure civil action.

With your membership, you will also get access to our member directory so you can connect with other members of the program to collaborate, share ideas, network as well as support.

Here’s what you get:

- A Securitization Audit - This is a critical component of your Cause of Action.  Without proof, you can not bring your lender to court and your case will be dismissed before it even sees the light of day.

- Sample Wrongful Foreclosure Pleadings you can customize naming the “lender” that wrongfully stole your house.

- Time sensitive, automated content drip coaching that will tell you what you need to do, and when so you don’t get overwhelmed.

- Access to our Weekly Conference Calls so you can collaborate and connect with other homeowners

- Access to our resources library where you can access legal research to help you build your case.

- Access to sample Defense Arguments (ie. what to do once the bank answers) from previous homeowners.

- Access to sample interrogatories.  You also have access to sample Request for Admissions documents designed to make your “lender” squirm because they know that you know their fraud.

- Sample settlement letters.  This letter will be sent out to Opposing Counsel to get them to settle rather than to go to court to have their fraud exposed.  It is designed to have your pretender lender “tap out”.



1) With your membership, you also receive special member heavily discount prices to our other services.

2) You will also gain instant access to our video library, including our 4 hour seminar on foreclosure defense.


Disclosure and Condition of Membership

1) We make no guarantees of success implied or otherwise.  You are joining a membership organization and membership benefits.

2) No personal Coaching or consultation.  This is a membership organization.  This does not entitle members to demand personal access to the managers of the organization for personal coaching, consultation or otherwise.  Interaction with the organization is limited to strictly email communication and conference calls.

3) No Refunds.  This is a one time membership fee with no refund for whatever reason.  Your membership dues are used to support the organization and pay for maintenance and staffing.

4) None of our team are lawyers.  We do not represent that we are members of any legal profession.  Nothing offered within the membership program can be construed as giving legal advice, implied or otherwise.  Members are advised to seek legal counsel at all times.

5) Get Prepaid Legal.  Members are strongly advised to join prepaid legal before signing up for membership with the Foreclosure Defense membership organization.  Prepaid legal offers affordable legal advice for our members.

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We are a consumer advocacy company.  Our goal is to help you save money and support you through these difficult times.  However, with any organizations, we have staff to pay, servers to maintain and expenses.  Our services are designed to be as affordable as possible with room for some profits to keep our doors open.

The Cost of a Securitization Audit is $1595.  Most attorneys charge $2000 to $4000 for an audit.

Our Normal Cost for this program is $900.

Total Price is $2495 ($1595 Plus $900).


Note: If we cannot find any evidence of securitization, your out of pocket is just $350.  You will be refunded the difference.

INTRODUCTORY Special Price: $1595 (a $900 discount)

  • #1 written by carlos
    about 3 years ago

    Also ask to see the paper work before the closing cause the note will be in english and the mortgage agreement will be in legal language that you don’t understand. You need to know what’s in those contracts. I’ll tell you a secrect, when you sign the promissory note you own your house free and clear then you give it back to the bank when you sign the mortgage agreement or deedof trust it’s in legal language.Last but not least after the bank has made all this money on your signature they make you pay them for 25-30 years you know a mortgage note, that’s double billing also constructive fraud again.

  • #2 written by carlos
    about 3 years ago

    All realestate contracts are fraud from the word go. This is why. First of all the bank’s intent is to comit fraud against you. When the bank or their lawyer brings a copy of your promissory note he is commiting perjury under sec laws, it’s called illegal conversion a second dergee felony.He uses a copy of the promissory note as though it is a note. By law when you sign the promissory note the bank is to keep it till you pay the loan off and give it back to you when you pay it off. No type of copying can be done by law.Plus when a bank brings a copy to court it shows intent, cause if you lose the note you shouldn’t have a copy in the first place, it shows you intended to do that.A copy of a note is fractional banking by law cause the bank has copied your name without your knowledge or permission.Remember they can’t make a copy by law of any of the papers. Also the signatures is construtive fraud this is why. i bet most of you don’t know this. A corporation can’t contract with a live human being, only two human beings can contract by UCC law. You signed your name with one capital letter and small case letters after it. Well that’s you the live human being signing.Why do all your bills and credit cards come in your name in capital letters. You were incorporated at birth on your birth certificate in your name in all capital letters printed. the only legal way a corporation can legally contract with you is if your name is printed on the contract in all capital letters. This is the only form of you lawfully being incorporated on the face of this earth. Plus a lawful contract must have full disclosure, the bank never tells you they are going to sell your note, the bank never tells you you are the lender who funds the whole tranaction. banks can’t loan money by federal law. your signature allows the bank to turn your note into a check which they put into their account. they monitize your note three to nine times through the federal reserve, A$100,000 note can grow to $900,000 and the fed takes %10 off the top and gives the bank $810,00 to their account. no full disclosure, then there’s consideration, the bank brings nothing to the table, you bring your promise to pay and your valuble signature. that note was worthless till you signed it. lawful terms, deceptive practice, constructive fraud,counterfeiting,falseadvertising,fractional banking,rico laws. The meeting of the minds two signatures of two human beings. again no corporation can contract with a live human being because it can’t think or represent itself.The bank also can go into your treasurey direct account and get paid again,plus the bank sells the note, and mortgage agreement on the stock market uncountable times fractional banking. EVERY American should read Modern Money Mechanics by the Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago, The Walker Todd Affidavit, The Credit River Case these are must reads. All credit card contracts are fraud, they bring nothing to the table no consideration. One signature contracts are unilateral contracts and they are unenforceable. I’m a UCC consultant and contract specialists.

  • #3 written by ELESI
    about 3 years ago

    hi jayjay
    i am in ca san bernardino county
    ca action on disqualifing the judges from hearing on cases
    Gov Jerry Brown was served with the notice
    get ahold of the documents on the case


  • #4 written by ELESI
    about 3 years ago

    hi george

    i am going through a lock out Nov 7, 2011
    i was served today
    i filed bk13 last thurs
    i also have a civil suit
    would pls advise on what direction to take


  • #5 written by JAYJAY in Calif.
    about 3 years ago

    JAYJAY in Calif.:

    I will subscribe to your service in the next couple of days. I have a forensic audit and securitzation audit already. I had egregious predatory lending while I was ill and disabled, and asked for a $30,000 personal loan, not a real estate refi.. The broker looked at my equity and closed my 4 loans (small) but 2 were Federal HUD block grant loans (no payments, below market rate interest)and 2 B of A loans. Somehow he got them to close all 4 without calling me or getting my signature. He created a $185,000 loan with a payment 3 times my disability income. Obviously, I was not thinking clearly because it never occured to me that I got a crooked loan bec. he gave me $29,986.65, (and Fidelity Title $27,000.) I just saw that on the HUD-1 form the Title Co. sent me at my request for all docs. He also filed an application I never saw til I got those Title Co docs. : said I had an income of $7,500 mon and a 23.5 year business, both blatant lies. The Application isn’t signed.
    Of course it was a negative amortization since the first payment. He refied it 2 times in 4 years to give me money to pay the first….I’m months into bankruptcy, just got my adversary “dismissed in its entirely under FRBC 12 (c) (6), (8) (9). I think they will dismiss it on Sept. 22 because I don’t have enough income to pay my bills and the mortgage. Think you can help me on such short notice? I’ve been denied any ext. by the court and got very ill before and after the hearing where I wasnt’ allowed to talk and that’s where they gave WF the Dismissal (even of 3 parties not WF). I thought the BKR court would be honest. What to do? I’ll be in touch soon. He was so cool, this could not have been the first time he did it to someone. Great site and I went to the court case Foreclosure Pro Se.com site and it is wonderful too. Keep up the good work. JayJay

    I forgot to tell you. I filed the Securitization Audit at the court. He wouldn;’ let me tell him about it in the court hearing where I wasnt’ allowed to talk. WELLS FARGO GOT MY ADVERSARY PROCEEDING DISMISSED FOR INVALID REASONS…..AND, THEY DO NOT OWN MY NOTE. iT DIDN’T STOP THEM. tHEY TOLD me they might not refile the Notice of Default. I said, that’s good, since you don’t own it. JayJay If anyone has a lawyers come into their case from PITE DUNCAN,LLP, those lawyers are debt collectors, and not allowed in Bankruptcy Court at all. They were fined 21 times in LA, CA BKR Ct by JudgE Bufford, only $21,000; that didn’t stop WF from bringing them into the SF court. JayJay

  • #6 written by luis martinez
    about 3 years ago

    i bought my house through indymac but later i fell behind with my mortgage payments. so indymac foreclosed on me.
    i filed bankrupcy, but that didn’t help.
    so indymac sold to deutsche bank for $1,000.00
    which later i discover that deutsche bank was actually the investor.

    luis martinez 917 254-2749

  • #7 written by Audrey
    about 4 years ago

    I sent a QWR to my loan servicer on December 8th and got the certified receipt (greencard) on December 11th. As of today, January 9th, I have not heard from them, however on January 4th, 2011, I received a certified letter entitled, “Notice of Rescission to Accelerate Loan Maturity” from a law firm on behalf of Chase Home Finance. What does this mean? Have read the ebook and want to say that I am AM going to fight for my rights. Your response is greatly appreciated.

  • #8 written by Alma
    about 4 years ago

    Hi George,

    Thank you for your interest. The Wrongful Foreclosure Program is not yet available.

  • #9 written by Wes Barnard
    about 4 years ago

    Hello George,
    We live in Indiana, a judicial state. We sent the first letter to the bank. They sent us a copy of the note. The note states: Pay to the order of: Without Recourse. Further, the bank lending officers signature is visible.

    Since the note obviously has been sold to another bank ‘without recourse’, doesn’t this mean the entire burden of the debt passes to the bank purchasing the note?

    Also, since the Deed of Trust was separated from the Note and we never received a loan, doesn’t that make the Deed of Trust invalid?

    Now my question is this: How do we legally challenge the validity of the Deed of Trust and take it out of play before they try to foreclose on our home? Please advise.

  • #10 written by max
    about 4 years ago

    I was foreclosed back on 2007 by CountryWide who had purchase the loan from original lender Great Country Mortgage in Miami. Now BOA owns everything that was from CountryWide Home Loans. To whom should I send my Initial Letter to? Bank of America or MERS? I want to start my wrongful foreclosure process, but I have to start the administrative process to gather evidence of their fraud and get them into administrative default. I was able to get all my documents from the court. Should I start with Bank of America or MERS? As my note was serviced by MERS.- Max email: madloans@gmail.com

  • #11 written by Alma
    about 4 years ago

    Max, please refer to the rules of civil procedures in your state.

  • #12 written by George
    about 4 years ago

    Can my home be recovered after a foreclosure?
    This is what happened. I was a large builder. the market went south, trying to save the business I took a second mortgage on our home. then a third with the same bank, That I started with. This bank started in a double wide trailer, then after ten years with this bank they grew to five large branches. Well when the Crash of 2005 hit, I struggled until 2006 then the bank started calling all notes due and payable. Then the event they foreclosed on my home. After finding what I know now I don’t believe the bank was the holder in due course. I believe there was securities fraud. Can this site help? maybe not in regaining the home that we loved but sueing the bank. Fraud is 3 times the value Correct. please email me at georgejudz@yahoo.com
    Thank you. friends

  • #13 written by Max
    about 4 years ago

    What is the allowed time frame for one to ask for a motion to set aside a judgement in Florida?


  • #14 written by George Tran
    about 4 years ago

    Hi James

    Please read this:


    My home is VA backed and Wells Fargo is selling my home on the 7th of Sept. So how do I stop it from sale? No time for the 30 day reply from Wells Fargo. Also I am totally out of money due to being unemployed for years. They are foreclosing on us vets fast,20K in my spot now, 86K already sold. That’s more Govt. money for these GREEDY SOBs. HELP PLEASE.

  • #15 written by James
    about 4 years ago

    My home is VA backed and Wells Fargo is selling my home on the 7th of Sept. So how do I stop it from sale? No time for the 30 day reply from Wells Fargo. Also I am totally out of money due to being unemployed for years. They are foreclosing on us vets fast,20K in my spot now, 86K already sold. That’s more Govt. money for these GREEDY SOBs. HELP PLEASE.

  • #16 written by Rudy
    about 4 years ago

    Is your program working in California ?

  • #17 written by Rayge87
    about 4 years ago

    Hey George,
    How does one go about finding the holder in due course of the note & deed of trust without going through the bank?

  • #18 written by dr jon
    about 4 years ago

    We understand George, not problem. We were just wondering cause the law clerk told us that it was probably a “contract complaint”. We were thinking a “general complaint”, so we were just wondering. Thanks! jon

  • #19 written by George Tran
    about 4 years ago


    Good luck. i can not make a comment about the approprieteness of your case/action. My pleadings is my own. (I can go to jail just answering that question)

  • #20 written by dr jon
    about 4 years ago

    Hey George,
    Just recently received the response for our lst sent letter. All they send was a copy of the “Loan Adjustment Agreement, ” but no original documents. They did bold & capitalize last paragraph where they indicated that its says we can’t sue or have a trial in connection with this agreement. Anyway, were sending out the second letter requesting for original docs again. We still need evidence, so this is one piece of evidence. Even though we’re still researching the wrongful foreclosure suit (which is almost done). Going to file the complaint, summon & civil cover sheet. Have one quesiton, clerk says it a “contract complaint” (do you agree in our case?). We still are going to continue on with your procedures and still try to get the property that way too.

  • #21 written by Ricky in GA
    about 4 years ago

    Hey George,

    I have a looming foreclosure (within 15 days) and need help fast. I have used a number of the techniques you describe in your eBook already without really understanding why. Your book is a fantastic resource and explains everything very well.

    I have sent in the certified letter QWR, deeded the property into trust and fired the trustee.
    The foreclosure mill is still pushing ahead with foreclosure. Need some help on what to do next, and need your coaching. Can I pay with a credit card as cash is scarce right now!

    Thanks again for EVERYTHING you have done so far. I just hope it actually works ;-) .


    Ricky in GA (non-judicial state)

  • #22 written by Melvyn Feigen
    about 4 years ago

    I would like to get a personal conversation with George. Can you e-mail me this information? I can overnight any sum by Fed Ex if necessary. I had to take my money out of my bank account for personal reasons. I will also send the $350 for the new program in advance. My house was already foreclosed and I have gotten a noitice to move out. However since I have had a tenant living in my house I will have another 45-6o days to move out. Please advise me on this matter.

    Melvyn Feigen

  • #23 written by Walt & Co
    about 4 years ago

    Dear George,
    We live Ga. and our home was suppose to have been sold at the courthouse (auction) steps. We were there from 9:30 am until noon, but the attorneys weren’t there. Other attorneys were there, for other properties. What is our recourse, for our home? What documents should we file, since we have been sending certifying mail requesting for our “Signed Note” since late 2008, to every name and that has acted on 1st Franklin’s behave?
    We thank you for your outstanding support and will support you and others when we get back on our feet.


  • #24 written by Matt Brockman
    about 4 years ago


    Any idea if this process works in Austrailia?

  • #25 written by ray westphal
    about 4 years ago

    Phillips,Garcia and Mandello Attorney’s are taking on cases such as this. Look them up on their website. They can help and educate you on this. Good Luck

  • #26 written by David
    about 4 years ago

    Does this process work in New York City? I live in Bklyn and need help. Do you have any members in NYC that have successfully gotten their house free and clear? Thanks, David

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