Attorneys that “Get it”


Let’s face it.  Foreclosure Defense is a very new area of law and very few attorneys understand the arguments of foreclosure defense and loan fraud…let alone have wins under their belt.  Finding a good attorney who is both knowledgeable and affordable is something homeowners struggle with every day.  I know.  I’ve been through this myself.  It is not easy.

Recently, we’ve discovered  an attorney network of over 100 attorney who specializes specifically in foreclosure defense.

These attorneys not only use the most current and most successful winning arguments to stop foreclosure and keep you in your home, they are also affordable.

These attorneys understand that when you are facing foreclosure, you are not exactly rolling in the money.  Unlike most attorneys who require you deposit $10,000 into their trust account before they even talk to you, our attorneys are extremely affordable…AND they have a payment plan.  Not only that, most attorneys expect you to pay them for their education.  While they research existing rulings and case laws, you are charged by the hour…and this expense add up very quickly.

With our attorneys, you will get:

  • Individual attention, and individual representation
  • Appearance in court on your behalf
  • Write Pleadings and/or file Motions on your behalf
  • Confer and Negotiate with the banks, Trustees and Opposing Counsel on your behalf
  • File Objections, Responses, and SANCTIONS(against opposing counsel) on your behalf
  • Work in Conjunction with a Securitization Audit to Build Your Case
  • File a TRO(temporary restraining order) and/or a Permanent Injunction for you so you can stay in your home


- AND THEY CAN DO IT IN ANY 50 States in the U.S (through Pro Hac Vice – meaning “on this occasion for special appearance”)


So How Much Do These Attorneys Cost?

Look, let’s be honest here.  Attorneys are not cheap.  Attorneys who know foreclosure defense with a track history are in high demand.

We’ve searched far and wide and are very grateful to find a firm who understand the plight of the homeowners and who are willing to make foreclosure defense affordable because they specialize in just this areas of law…so they can be more efficient at handling similar cases.

Everyone’s circumstances is different, and the errors and/or fraud that is done to them is different but the underlying arguments can be generalized.  As a result, it is difficult to give a specific price.

That said, we have worked hard to negotiate with our attorney firm to make foreclosure defense affordable for as many people as possible…and put together a payment plan so that you are not burdened with having to put down a large retainer (like every attorney out there).

I’ve personally spent over $15,000 in attorney fees in my own foreclosure defense…and it’s not over yet (because I had not discovered this firm). However, with our friends, you will most likely be paying a lot less than what I’ve had to pay.

Prices will be discussed when you discuss your situation with the attorney.


Look, I get it.  You are facing foreclosure.  Money’s tight.  The thing to remember is, if you are kicked out of your home and you need to find another place to rent…chances are you will be paying at least $1000 (often times more) a month anyway to have a roof over your head.  Here, you will most likely be able to stay in your home while you are defending your home.  So instead of “pissing away” $1000/m to your land lord, you will be investing money towards defending your home and preventing your “lender” from foreclosing on you..and kicking your family to the curb.


How Do I Contact Them?

Please Fill Out
Questionnaire Form



Q) What’s the name of the law firm? Can I call them up directly?

A) Through a special arrangement, the firm has asked us not to give out their information for specific legal compliance reasons.  They have asked that clients first fill out the questionnaire form and the firm will then contact the homeowner directly.


Q) Can This Law Firm do “pro bono” work?  I don’t have any money.  I have a really good case and will likely receive a large settlement on the back?

A) Unfortunately this is not possible.  Our attorneys have made a commitment to making foreclosure defense as affordable as possible to as many homeowners as possible.  However, at the end of the day, they have kids to feed and mortgages to upkeep too.  Almost everyone in this situation is asking for pro bono work…and there are simply so many homeowners needing help and not enough attorneys to do the work, so the demand for their services is very high.


Q) What sort of successes has this firm had?

A) The firm have had a lot of success in most cases in stopping foreclosure sales, getting home loan modification settlement offers and other remedies.  However, as each client’s situation is different, it is almost impossible to say up front what sort of success you can expect until you speak with the attorney.  Remember, you don’t pay anything until you get to speak with the attorney so there’s very little risk on your part.


Q) Can this Law Firm offer any guarantees that I can keep my home?

A) There is only one guarantee we can make…and that is, if you do nothing…then you will lose your home.  That’s it.

No lawyer in the world can (or should) make any guarantees….regardless of the evidence or facts.  Upon reviewing your circumstance, a lawyer may say “you have a pretty strong case and a high likelihood of a win or settlement”.  Again, everyone’s case is different.


Q) Can this firm represent me?  I live in Hawaii.  Does this mean they will fly out and represent me?

A) This law firm can represent any one with a valid cause of action in any of the 50 States in the Union.  Typical appearances will be done telephonically…but if a physical appearance is needed, then the client will be expected to cover the expense.


Q) Why should I go with these guys?  

A) This law firm specialize in just handling foreclosure defense and bankruptcy.  You don’t need to educate them on the arguments…they already know.  What’s more, they don’t ask for a large retainer upfront.  Most importantly, they care.

I (Vince Khan), have personally spoken to them.  I listened to them.  While it’s true that lawyers make a lot of money doing this, their first and foremost objective is to help clients achieve justice and to force banks to follow the law.  I am personally vouching for these guys.  These are good people.  And I don’t give out endorsements lightly.


Q) Do I need a MSI(Mortgage Scene Investigation)?

A) Litigation is about two things.  The law and evidence.  Having a good attorney who understands the law is great, but you also need good evidence to support your arguments.  That’s why having a securitization audit can be very helpful to your case.  These attorneys will use evidence found in your MSI audit as a basis for their Complaint lawsuit filed against your lender/servicer.


Q) Do I need to join the Foreclosure Defense Membership Program if I decide to go with these guys?

A) We encourage you to join our membership program because members enjoy special discounts on services…including the cost to retain this law firm.  We’ve negotiated with our law firm to give our members a significant discount.  Not only that, you will have access to a vast network of fellow homeowners who will be available to coach you, and offer you support…and “talk you off the cliff” when you need someone to cry to.



This is an independent law firm that is endorsed by Consumer Defense Programs.  Consumer Defense Programs is not a law firm and do not take individual clients.  We have been retained by the law firm to provide  initial client intake procedures.

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