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Prepaid Legal

You really need to have someone to consult for legal advice when you are in this process.  Join prepaid legal for just $30/m and you can talk to a lawyer as long as you want on the phone.  Invaluable!

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Modern Money Mechanics
Modern Money Mechanics

How Money is created. This is a publication by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own reading and research. This is how banks truly create money to fund your loan.

You should also research “HJR 192″. This Act abolished gold from our currency. From this point forth, “there is no money”. There is just perceived purchasing power we agree upon from Federal Reserve Notes.

Landmark Decision
Inre-Weisband-DECISION. This is awesome and is being used all over the country to defeat banks.
Synopsis of Inre Weisband case

Securitization Examination and Foreclosure Audit Service

This is a great service.  They give you a detailed audit within 10 to 14 days about who currently owns your note.  This is important to build evidence in your civil action.  I highly recommend this one if you are going to go into litigation against your lender.  In court, all that matters is a) the law b) evidence.  If your evidence is weak, or is just a bunch of theories, accusations and conjectures (as most pro se litigants tend to be), then your case will have less chance of success.

This is your house we’re talking about.  It is worth your while to stack the odds as much as possible on your side.  Opposing attorneys can not argue against FACTS.


Forensic Loan Examinations and Foreclosure Investigations – Do not confuse a Forensic loan examination from a forensic loan audit. Many times a loan audit is done by a software program and only uncovers about 50% of violations, and are usually done and sold by those with no experience. A Forensic Loan Examination is done by hand by someone who has been fully trained on what to look for. Many times they are done by an Attorney or a CPA.  A foreclosure investigation is an investigation of every document submitted by your lender and others since the letter of default. Mortgage Assignments, Trustee Substitutions, and many other documents filed with county records will be examined to see who actually has standing or right to foreclose. The foreclosure investigation service is only beneficial to those in Non-Judicial States.

Some Attorney’s sell Forensic Loan Audits for $ 2,000.00 and up.  Through a special arrangement, I’ve negotiated this special price for my referrals through Tom for just $750.  My friend John Stuart recommends this guy.  The company we have aligned with offers them for just $995 for a Forensic Exam and Foreclosure Investigation.

>> SPECIAL!  For a limited time these audits are available for just $750.

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