To find out if you have a Robo-signer on your Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale or Notice of Assignment/Transfer/Substitution of Trustee, take a look at the person signing on your documents.  If they are a “Vice President” of MERS, then there is a good chance they are a Robo-signer.

Why is this important?

If we can prove and establish that they are a Robo-Signer, then we might be able to establish that they are a part of a scam designed to defraud the homeowner of their due process of the law, specifically, anyone signing an affidavit must have first hand knowledge of the facts.  These people are representing that:

a) They know for a fact that the “bank” owns the instrument

b) They have the authority to execute the assignment.

Neither of which is true.

Anyone can be a Vice President of MERS.  For a small fee, you can join MERS and have one of your employees be a VP of MERS.  These people are given the title of VP but non of the real responsibilities of a VP just for the administrative purpose of loan assignments.  This is pure insanity.

Anyway, to check if you have a robo-signer, come check out this complete list of Robo-Signer.