Here’s two lessons I want to share with you today.

The reason why banks win, and Judges let them is because homeowners don’t know how to ask the right questions.

The banks have what’s called “The Presumption of Law”.  The Judges buy it.  The attorney buy it.  You lose it if you buy it too.

The PRESUMPTION is this:

- They have the note

- They have the right to enforce it

- They put their money at risk when they lent you the money.


No one bothered to ask these questions.

- Are you the note holder in due course?

- Do you have the original wet ink note? If so, I want to see it

- (to opposing council) Do you have first hand knowledge that your client is the holder in due course?

- Are you a creditor in this transaction in accordance to GAAP?

When you ask these questions, the lawyers get very upset and starts to whine.  When they start to protest and whine, you know you’ve won.  You see, Council does not have first hand knowledge.  Anything he says thereafter is chalked up as “here say”  and is inadmissible.  Boy, isn’t it fun shutting down a $500/hour lawyer :-)

Next, the strategy I am talking about is called Standing.  Imaging a boxing ring.  If I am the only one in the ring, and the other guy can not come in, then I win at the end of the match.  So, the trick is to keep the other guy out.  How?


Questions like:

“Are you are Creditor according to GAAP?”

- Council can not answer…he’ll be lying.  He has no first hand knowledge.  Only an Officer of the bank can answer.

If they have put zero of their money at risk…then they are not a creditor.  They have no standing.  They can not enter the ring.


“Are you the note holder in due course?”

If they are not…then why are they here? Council has no first hand knowledge.  If they are not the holder in due course and can not prove they are, they have no standing.  Case dismissed.

It really is that simple.

This is an invaluable tip for anyone living in Florida and other Judicial States where you have to go to court.

Please share this with your friends.


George Tran