Well, I amended my pleadings and summons for my civil action against Bank of America last week. Filed it with the Court Clerk. Sent the packet to Bank of America via Certified Mail on Tuesday June9, 2010. As of today, it has not arrived yet.

I am very frustrated about this. Instead of waiting any longer, I am sending a second copy to BofA. By law, I have to give the Defendant 7 days plus 30. The clock does not start until I can prove that the Defendant has been properly serviced.

So, it’s off to the post office to send off my summons.
When I started this process, I was frankly very naive. I filed my civil action in Oregon for my Utah properties. The case will be thrown out once a lawyer of any competence takes a look at it. I have to move the case over to Utah in order to have jurisdiction.

So, once I have a few moments to spare, I will initiate another case in UT Circuit Court for my 3 UT properties.

Thanks for your support.