Just got off an interview with Trevor Erickson, a reporter from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee. He wanted to do a story about Jerry Kane and what his work was about (helping people with the foreclosures and mortgages).

I am always wary of reporters, especially ones with a slant/objective. Most people who don’t understand what we do here are trying to find ways to discredit our movement and put labels to it. You know, the usual “nut jobs, extremists, right wing militias, supremacists, etc”. They are not interested in the truth…just finding things to support their pre-conceived notions.

Am I paranoid? Well, if you go to the Commercial Appeal’s website, it makes you sick. They are calling Jerry “cop killer”, “anti-government group”, and all sorts of things. I think I am better off remaining silent, but I have a vain hope that my voice could do justice to the good work Jerry was doing. It’s such a tragedy….instead of just calling it that, why does the media have to destroy a man who’ve helped so many’s good name. They took Jerry’s videos and totally misrepresented it and made him out to be a religious nut who is using the Bible to justify killing people. Makes me sick. Shame on you Commercial Appeal.

I wanted to make sure everything was for the record, so I asked him if I could record our conversation. Trevor was very gracious and agreed. He seemed like he genuinely want to know the truth. After about 15 minutes, it became apparent that he needed more information. He’s going to read my book first before resuming the interview, scheduled at 10am Pacific on Sunday. I will keep you posted.

I am grateful for everyone’s support.


Ps. For those trying to discover the truth about what legal remedies Jerry was teaching, listen to this audio

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